Since the existence of Jageshwar Mandir Prabandhan Samiti, trust is working with routine activities, activities of social welfare, preservation of environment, security, Maintenance and Renovation of park, cleaning and sanitation, electrification, training and education and general social facilities whose brief particulars since year 2014 to year 2018 are as follows:

  1. Around the area of Jageshwar Dhaam the following activities has done in relation to Cleaning and sanitation: -
    • Arrangement of sweepers and
    • Establishment of Garbage Collection Centre
    • Establishment of Waste Management Centre
    • Daily cleaning activities undertaken around area
  2. Promote Yoga and meditation: It is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three. Other forms of physical exercises, like aerobics, assure only physical well-being. They have little to do with the development of the spiritual or astral body.
  3. Organizing various cultural activities to promote various societies of Himalayas.
  4. Promote Sanitation and Cleaning Mission with the participation of students around the area.
  5. Implementation of street Light for Brightness and Electrification in the area adjacent to Rural villages and Banks.
  6. Plantation Activities have been undertaken for the purpose of preservation of Environment.
  7. Transformation of Primary Schools to Modern Schools, spreading awareness of Government Schools, running Government Schools in a right way and Advertisements and Publicity of those.
  8. Relief to poor and Helpless People by giving night Stay in Ren Basera and Organizing Medical Camps for Medical Facilities in Surrounding Area.
  9. Construction of toilets under arrangements of Sanitation and Cleaning.
  10. Providing the facilities of Satal Seva to Pilgrims in social welfare.
  11. For the purpose of income generation availing various services to provide employment to unemployed youth.
  12. Sustainable livelihood through skill development among rural youth, we organized sustainable livelihood through skill development and its conceptual and theoretical understanding around the area,we have Himalayan Population and here skill Development is demanded for economic growth and Inclusive development and the rural Population can’t be overlooked.
    • We Educate unemployment youth for livelihood through Tourism and self Employment.
    • Educated and trained handicraft Manufacturers
    • Training to the Closter of Unemployed Women for the Prasad of Jageshwar Dham.
    • Harvesting Flowers for the purpose of Self Employment.
  13. Establishment of passenger Shelter homes for rescue from rains.
  14. Arrangements of benches for sitting passengers /pilgrims and dustbins for cleaning.
  15. Arrangements of Bulletin Boards at various Locations for correct Information.
  16. Arrangements of CCTV cameras and security Guards for the security passengers / pilgrims in Dhaam.
  17. Providing Markets to local Products from Local Product Centre.
  18. Purchasing Land Property for Social and Future Needs.
  19. Transportation Services: - As per Public requirement JMPS Arranged Shuttle Service from Artola Car Parking to Jageshwar to facilitate devotee.
  20. Organising of Jageshwar Festival : - In the History of Jageshwar Dham first time in Jageshwar JMPS and District Administration Almora Organised Jageshwar Festival from 12-14 Oct 2019.
Other Future Activities
  1. Constructions of Dharmashala.
  2. Planning for Solar Lights.
  3. Establishment of Sanaskrit Schools.
  4. Arrangement of Library.
  5. Arrangements of Parking and Play Grounds.

Event(s) Related to CSR Activities

Details will be available soon.