Jageshwar Temples, also referred as Jageshwar Valley Temples, are a group of 125 Hindu temples dated between 7th and 14th century near Almora, in the Himalayan in the state of Uttarakhand. These are managed and governed by Shri Jageshwar Mandir Prabandhan Samiti, a trust since 16th June, 2014.

Main aims and objectives of the trust:

  1. The management, administration and governance of Shri Jageshwar Mandir and its group mandirs and its endowments including the lands and building attached, or appurtenant to the mandir/s for the benefit of the public in large.
  2. Providing for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.
  3. Granting of financial assistance to any educational institution for granting scholarships, prizes, medals, awards for excellence in studies, sports and scientific research, distribution of books and note books for poor and deserving students.
  4. Establishment, conduct, maintenance of clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and institutions of similar nature and providing financial assistance to the deserving persons for medical treatment, in any medical institution.
  5. Providing financial assistance for performing “Bhandara” and feeding the poor directly and through other institutions.
  6. The trust will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only, charitable in nature.
  7. Relief to poor and Helpless People by giving night Stay in Ren Basera and Organizing Medical Camps for Medical Facilities in Surrounding Area.
  8. No activities of the trust will be carried out outside India.